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Man loved your game probably one of the coolest VN I PLAYED THIS YEAR

sorry caps

Hope you don´t mind but i did a gameplay series of your game on my channel

1º ep comming out HOT

this looks interesting, ill give it a try since it is available on mac and in spanish, which is perfect for me!

when is the full thing coming out?

Is there the real thing, not just the demo because I don't know where it is (love the demo by the way).

the demo was bone-chilling.

it was simplistic, but the music fit so well into creating an intense atmosphere, and i loved how realistic the sound of blood splatters was - i cringed every time i heard it. i especially loved the writing! yuki has the mind of a psychopath, cold and nonchalant, and it was scary how much her words rang true, and how much i even wanted to relate to it.

the script could've been edited better (i found several mistakes; if you want, i could send them to you?) but it didn't damage the overall, creepy experience. i can't wait for the full game now!

Sorry about the grammatical mistakes, we were aware of some of them but to be honest the translation is not our forte, if you could send us the mistakes that you have spotted we will really appreciate it

here's all that i found! i posted them here! :D

Thanks! we will make the changes soon