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Winter's Empty Mask


Some people say we have three masks. The first mask is the one we show to the world. The second one is reserved for our family and close friends. And the third mask is only known to our real self. Supposedly, it is the truest reflection of who we are. But in truth, the third mask it's only what we think of ourselves. We humans only know about deception, and almost no one knows their real face, which they hide behind their own masks.  

This story is set in Momiji, a fictional city with a high crime rate. It is not uncommon there to hear of deaths and missing persons every morning in the news reports. But even among these issues there is a figure, an urban legend, that stands above all, an assassin known only by the nickname “RED”. His murders are most brutal and unexplainable, with all of its victims being found with broken organs and bones, with their insides reduced to a bloody pulp.  

The protagonist, Ichirou, is a young man who has recently moved to Momiji and discovers that there are still many more issues to be uncovered in such a scary place.

Available languages: English, Russian, Spanish


Winters-empty-mask-demo 2.1.zip (263 MB)

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First and for most, I loving the dark, mysterious vibe in the start! But dang this is dark! But I love it, I like how the music goes with it and the art too. I hope this will help spread the word of this awesome dark visual novel!